14390735_10153795719296296_3525924169579950841_nWe are a South Carolina couple that loves to take the top and doors off the jeep and “ramble” around our county’s dirt roads. As we began to ramble further from home we decided to try camping (see Our First Trip for more). Over the last few years we have upgraded our vehicles and equipment and extended our rambles from hours to weeks. We started this blog to share our rambles with others and hopefully inspire others get out and enjoy the beauty that is often just outside our neighborhood.

While we have invested in higher end equipment and vehicles we must stress that you don’t have to have expensive vehicles and gear to get out and have fun camping. Much of what we do can be accomplished by throwing some gear in the trunk of a small car. The key is to get out and explore the world around you. State parks are a great place to start and South Carolina has some of the best state parks in the county. You can often camp on a lake for a week for what you would spend for a night at a beach front motel. Do a little research, grab some gear, and get out there.