Georgia Traverse Day 3 Part 1

The morning of our third day found us enjoying a lazy morning breakfast as we discussed how far we wanted to go on the Georgia Traverse today. I had gotten into ham radio earlier this year so we would have a means of communication when we were out of cell range. With the sky being overcast I decided to check the weather frequencies to see what we should expect today. It would seem I checked at just the right time. It was raining at a nearby town and the weather was moving towards us quickly. Palmetto Patty and I jumped into high gear and got our gear broken down and loaded just as the rain started to fall.I pull up the next track of the traverse on the Garmin and we head out for what we now refer to as bad decision day.

We spent a good part of the morning on narrow forest service roads through some beautiful country. Then back onto pavement up into North Carolina and back into Georgia. We stopped in Dillard Georgia for gas and lunch. It was raining so we decided eat at a restaurant and pulled into Moon Pie Pizzeria. The Stromboli was incredible. If find yourself in Dillard, stop by Moon Pie Pizzeria for some excellent food and service.

Back on the road the rain let up enough for us to stop at the Tallulah River Fishing Pier which offered some beautiful views of the river. Further down Tallulah River Rd our Garmin and paper maps started to disagree as we searched for Charles Creek Rd. You have to do a water crossing of the Tallulah to get to Charles Creek Rd. and Garmin doesn’t understand water crossings. In fact you don’t just cross the river, you have to drive up the river to get to Charles Creek Rd. We run Charles Creek Rd. which was somewhat rugged and slick from the rain. We see several good camping spots as well as the Appalachian Trail crossing.

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