So Patty decided that the next upgrade for the Tacoma would be a bed cover. The Tacoma has lots more room for camping gear than the Jeep but no way to keep it dry. If there’s one common theme to all of our camping trips thus far it is rain. It always seems to rain on the way to camp or on the way home so we needed a way to keep our gear dry.

We considered a hard shell but quickly discounted it. We use the truck for more than camping. Its Patty’s daily driver and she does a lot of gardening so she is constantly hauling any and everything from our local Lowes gardening section. It’s so much easier to load and unload without a top. While at the Overland Expo East we saw several trucks with soft tops and thought this might be the answer.

After doing some research into how the soft tops work and looking at both Softopper and Bestop we decide we like the look of the Softopper best. We placed our order and impatiently waited for our new toy to arrive.

You will notice in the photos that it’s dark and cold while we did the install. I was too impatient to wait for a sunny day off so after work I decided to get to work. While the instructions were clear it still took a few minutes to figure out how to lay out each piece. Once we did everything went together without a hitch.

The Softopper keeps everything dry and when not needed folds out of the way. Patty always gets complements and questions from anyone that helps her load garden supplies as she puts the top up or down depending on the situation. Bottom line, the Softopper looks great, keeps our gear dry, and folds out of the way when not in use.

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